Book clubs with a twist!?!

Perhaps you are keen to connect with other people, create community AND have a sense of purpose?

We have two offerings for you at the RESEED Centre:

The Retrosuburbia book club and the Ongo group.

Retrosuburbia Book Cover

Retrosuburbia by David Holmgren 

RetroSuburbia is part manual and part manifesto. The book shows how Australian suburbs can be transformed to become productive and resilient in an energy descent future. It focuses on what can be done by an individual at the household level (rather than community or government levels).

RetroSuburbia is a source of inspiration, introducing concepts and outlining patterns and practical solutions. It empowers people to make positive changes in their lives. As with David Holmgrens’s previous work, it is thought provoking and provocative.

If you are already on the path of downshifting and living simply, exploring RetroSuburbia will be a confirmation and celebration that you are on the right track and guide you on the next steps forward. If you are just beginning this journey, it provides a guide to the diversity of options and helps work out priorities for action.  For people concerned about making ends meet in more challenging times, RetroSuburbia provides a new lens for creatively sidestepping the obstacles.

The book outlines options available to retrofitters in three ‘fields’ – the Built, Biological and Behavioural – along with speculation on the future and philosophical musings. Throughout the book, examples from David’s ‘Aussie St’ story and real life case studies support and enhance the main content. RetroSuburbia can be read as a whole, cover to cover, or can be dipped into according to your interests. (from the website)

If you are interested in joining a North-West Tasmania Retrosuburbia book club, please contact Nick Towle:  nj_towle AT

If you live elsewhere in Tas, contact Permaculture Tasmania permaculturetasmania AT

The Ongo Book Cover

The Ongo Book by Catherine Cadden & Jesse Wiens

Twelve weeks of guidance for practicing nonviolence in everyday life.

One book.​

“Born from a clever idea – to make long term contemplative practice doable at home – this book brims with useful advice. You will be encouraged to prioritize the values of meditative life, like compassion and clarity, in the midst of your ordinary situation. Organized to be accessible to solo practitioners, pairs or partners, and groups, the framework makes the The Ongo Book practices highly adaptable.”  – Sharon Salzberg, author of Lovingkindness and Real Happiness​

The Ongo Book features:

Step-by-step instruction:  Practices like mindfulness meditation, Nonviolent Communication, and more, made beginner-friendly, with rich depths to explore for even lifelong practitioners.

Direct action: Practices translate into nonviolent direct actions you can take in your everyday life and work.

A full three-month at-home retreat: Complete guidance for individuals, couples, and groups, made doable for busy schedules.

Online resources: A free companion website with recorded audio meditations, video teachings, and discussion forums.

Real world experience:  Wisdom from the authors’ lived understanding of practicing and sharing these teachings. (from the website)

If you are interested in being part of an Ongo Group in Penguin Tasmania, please contact Michelle: michelle.towle AT



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