A brief history

 This building was originally the Penguin Infant Primary School, opened in 1956.  The other part of the old Penguin Primary School is now the Penguin Market, across the road.

Fred and Noreen Steed purchased the building in 2000 (see photo) and began renovations with the vision of creating a health retreat and a setting for Fred’s naturopathic practice.

An historic phot of ReseedAfter Fred’s death, Noreen was keen to sell to like-minded people who would value the work they did, including planting dozens of fruit trees and organic food production.

In 2012, six local people came together to invest in the two-acre property. The potential was obvious: a beautiful mix of ornamental and fruit trees outside, and a variety of great spaces inside.

Those involved in RESEED are proud to be continuing the positive legacy of Fred and Noreen.